What Is Alternative Medicine?

by in Health Tips October 31, 2018

During the last 60 years, We have been called alternative medicine to all those healing techniques that are different from traditional  medicine. It offers a different approach on how to treat illness  and disease in a natural way.

Alternative Medicine Means

That besides the traditional medicine that heals with  medicines and applies surgery if needed, there is an alternative  (an option) of going to other types of treatment base in a natural approach that does not include a medical prescription that has to be bought at a pharmacy.

Today, there are a large number of “alternative” healing treatments that include the consumption of natural remedies, such as herbalism or homeopathy; and there are also another alternative treatments that do not require taking medications, such as acupuncture, BIOMAGNETISM, etc.

Far from calling “alternative medicine” to what does not match with traditional medicine, We should see it as we have now different “alternatives to cure”.

BIOMAGNETISM, apart from not requiring medication, turns out to be a procedure that, without being invasive, heals or cure in a few minutes. (Learn more about Biomagnetism)

Today, the decision is yours, “YOU HAVE THE ALTERNATIVE TO CHOOSE” how you want to treat your body, and how to help to keep it healthy.

Remember, Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

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