Is It Asthma or Allergy? and What Is The Best Treatment?

by in Allergies, Biomagnetism, Health Tips November 7, 2018

Firstly it is important to define what is an allergy:

Allergy is the reaction of the immune system, caused by the presence of substances in the human body, which the system itself is not able to process properly, so reactions can appear in the respiratory system, as well as in the skin or even in the central nervous system, which can cause the muscles that surround the airways to become tense and their lining to become inflamed, causing a reduction in the amount of air passing through those airways. This is what we call asthma.

Therefore, we conclude that asthma itself is a major allergic reaction that requires immediate attention to its presence, which is usually treated with antihistamines, bronchodilators that may contain salbutamol and even the use of corticosteroids achieved in a few minutes reverse the inflammation of the surrounding muscles of the respiratory tract.

With a problem like this, it is necessary that our body could be able to react correctly and in a normal way facing the allergenic agents that may exist in our environment.

Medical Biomagnetism, offers a treatment of only 4 sessions to be able to cure an allergy; and a treatment of 6 sessions, to be able to cure asthma in a non-invasive way and without medication.

It will always be necessary to have a good diet, exercise and intake of vitamins, since all this will also work in favor of the immune system and allergy and asthma may be overcome.

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