What is integral health?

by in Health Tips, Uncategorized October 2, 2018

Integral means comprehensive, whole and balanced.

We are integrated beings and to be able to fully heal, it is necessary to consider the entire range of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and interpersonal 

When you are not feeling good physically, you start looking for answers and try to find what may be happening inside you and decide to visit your doctor. But suddenly the pain or discomfort goes away, like a magic trick. Well it’s not magic, It’s the power of our emotional state over your body.

Our alternative treatments are focused in the long term recovery, healing physical and emotional issues in order to restore balance and bringing back our health.

Our naturopathic treatments are design to complement each other. Therefore if you are looking for long term health results, We will always suggest  to check if is necessary to combine our Biomagnetism therapy with Bach flowers.


If you want a healthy life, complete healing is necessary.

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