We offer alternative medicine to treat the root cause of chronic illness and disease.


We believe health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. Therefore we use natural and alternative medicine treatments to achieve integral health. Our primary goal is to find the balance between your emotional and physical health.

Are you looking for a quality and natural health care provider?

We have the best alternative medicine treatments

Our practitioner has a strong background in alternative medicine with over 20 years worth of clinical experiences, research, and continuing education to fit your unique health needs.

Whatever your reasons for seeking better health, inject vitality and energy into your life or struggle with complex and persistent issues, We are confident we can help you to meet your goals and achieve a healthier life.

For us  nothing is more important than your health and the health of your family. We understand that healthy mind, body and soul is the result of good care, which is why we provide the best alternative and naturopathic medicine treatments in Vancouver to help you over come any health challenge.


Personal Approach

We will give you a treatment completely tailored to your distinctive needs. You are a unique being; no one else is quite like you and your health situation is just as distinctive. So wouldn’t you expect a truly unique treatment?

Higher Standards

Expect more from Ruz Integral Health. We do our best to ensure you are taken care of. You’ll be treated in a understanding and caring environment that is optimal to your healing .

Real Result

The goal is not an end to a particular symptom, although that symptom will be resolved in the process. What you can expect is an approach to correct the entire system, on all levels of your being, and reengage self-healing and long-term results.


We offer the best alternative medicine treatments in Vancouver. Our naturopathic approach have been recognized internationally , attracting patients for a simple reason – Results.

Your role in the healing process...

Patient Responsibility

We will do our very best to guide you and provide you with the best alternative medicine and therapies to restore your health , but you need to be willing to take the remain responsibility to follow the specific instructions, treatments and recommendations given by our Naturopath Therapist.

Therefore, compliance is essential and expected of you, if you are to become a patient at Ruz Integral Health
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