BIOMAGNETISM: Alternative Treatment To Prevent Cancer

by in Biomagnetism, Health Tips October 11, 2018

First, it is very important that if you notice any pain, hardening, protrusion (ball), color change, inflammation, uneven growth or swelling in the arm and/or armpit, do not wait and visit us or your family doctor right away, because it could progress.

How our treatments help to prevent breast cancer?

We offer BIOMAGNETISM therapy also called Magnets therapy. 

Our therapy neutralize the pH on the area of your body where a tumor could be developing, achieving the reduction or disappearance of the tumor. (Learn more about Biomagnetism here.

After receiving the benefits of our Biomagnetism therapy, the majority of our patients have been able to see through imaging tests ( CT, MRI, PET, X-Ray etc.) how their tumors have reduced or disappear. Having a fantastic diagnosis with greater hope of recovery.

But the benefits don’t stop there, our patients have also claim to be feeling recovered and energized after the therapy.

Our Biomagnetism therapy will bring a lot of benefits to your overall health, you do not need to stop once you finish the recommended treatments. 

If you take care of yourself, and receive Biomagnetism therapy frequently you can be sure that you will never suffer from this disease.

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